intercourse & candy & physical violence the _ronitape brand brand new 90-minute _ronitape vinyl-to-cassette mixtape will be here for year pleasure that is listening!

Brand brand new 90-minute all plastic mixtape loosely checking out a layout.

Flow or DL!

«i scent intercourse plus. Vio-lence heeere»

Flow or down load it because of the link that is soundcloud. A little bit for the next tape i made after completing that last theme-mix which i did the extensive blog about on here, Originals vs. Covers vol. 1, i wanted to ride that focused-mix wave. A concept that is loose naturally thanks to my Record shop Day 2017 acquisitions. Got up with mi brethren Esh on RSD & hit our Jamaica that is local Plain shop Tres Gatos; a lot more than many spots when you look at the town, Phil & the gatos get super difficult due to their Record shop Day occasion, its regularly actually well done. There were way less releases that are RSD-exclusive wanted in 2010, that we had been relieved about since I have drop enough loot on plastic from the regular! They did not be in the Pure Hell 7″ I became in search of but I obtained the Danny Brown 10″ & could not resist copping the nineties alt-rock band Marcy Playground’s 1997 first that was simply pushed on wax for the time that is first haha i experiencedn’t heard any kind of song about it however the track «Sex and Candy» is, well, too damn sexy & catchy & hypnotizing & haunting and I also had to own it.

After Tres Gatos we hit up Do617’s annual record shop time occasion at Brighton Music Hall which features an excellent number of neighborhood indie vendors & labels slinging documents, tapes, tees and much more.

The Coathangers performed and totally kicked ass, we will need certainly to revisit them later since we copped almost all their vinyl here. I happened to be attempting to get light but a barrage of bloody marys on an empty belly later on and I also ended up being coming house or apartment with another huge haul of plastic. The homie Matt that is tall from log in to Down ended up being there & i copped a bunch of gems with curved corners he laced me personally with for inexpensive (biggups! ) including Boogie Down Productions’ banger, violence and sex. So in my RSD2017 vinyl haul the_ronitape that is new born, connecting those two documents’ titles to the free concept/subject/aesthetic/attitudes the mix would follow.

Intercourse. & candy. & physical physical violence.

I needed a free concept to explore and never having to place in way too much idea, slowing straight down the process — that Covers vs Originals mix took a number of years to plot down selection-wise, which ended up being awesome, but I love to stay cranking out these vinyl mixes in the regular when I play documents, most of the time while taking care of my art, and so the notions of Intercourse & Candy & Violence had been a fantastic parameter in which to stay abstractly including a obscure theme. Real feeling, love, hate, aggression, sex, medications, love, isolation, brutality, sensuality, anxiety. I believe in some manner all of the tracks embody one, two, or all three auras linked to the 3 terms, though certainly not in a brilliant way that is literal. Small idea was placed into the choice, simply picked them on the basis of the emotions or words or noises connected with that intercourse candy violence feel.

I do not even know someone else whom makes mixtape cassettes like myself, however, if they are available to you site right here, they realize that the best benefit of this mixtape-making process is first listen! After finishing the mix, playing just just how it all finished up moving together is super fun & rewarding; i typically notice connections between tracks i’dn’t consciously meant that will be a great feeling, like whenever an observer views one thing in your art you had never ever noticed prior to. I digitize these mixes in realtime before uploading them to Soundcloud, therefore while doing that back at my first listen i decided to incorporate an additional artistic element to the ability, and to the finish regarding the b-side after soaking when you look at the basic aesthetic regarding the tape, i made this fast bit of inky expressive art, wanting to abstractly illustrate the impression. The main focus for this web site (and my entire life generally speaking, you can state) is examining the connections between art & music, creation & inspiration, so that it felt the one thing to accomplish! As the art appears comparable to my Witches Brew ink work, it is in reality Marsh T-Grade black ink, though combined with only a little Witches Brew & used with its dauber, on Arches Huile/Oil cold pushed, extra deluxe textured paper. I’ve been tinkering with that certain combination for a short while now but it is the first occasion i’ve debuted it! The Marsh/Arches style is more about the blackness of the ink, if that makes sense whereas the Witches Brew work is more about the strokes. More to come, in no time! In the event that you dig the mix, share it with friends! I appreciate ya!

Free Kitten 4ever

Kim Gordon & Julie Cafritz’s part project/ supergroup ended up being the shit. Complimentary Kitten, str8up. Direct from da collecsch!

Kim G & Julie C’s experimental ensemble active from 1992-2008, complimentary Kitten, is some overlooked weirdo silver, punx! Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth & Julie Cafritz from Pussy Galore are post punk/ indie stone royalty and their musical relationship triggered certainly one of the best largely unknown teams that captivates me in ways uniquely unique. Kim & Julie both sing & perform electric guitar with Yoshimi of Boredoms on drums & Mark Ibold of Pavement on bass for choose records.

Why now? Did somebody perish? Lol — nope, but that is appears to be the time that is only times whenever I see individuals rep any music that isn’t the current taste of this thirty days. And even though many music blogs concentrate on strictly new or ‘hot’ music or only reference older records due to some arbitrary release-date anniversary that no body really cares about in actual life & had been simply produced by some kinda algorithm so your web web site will make it self look more relevant with regards to trivial click-bait techniques, i’ve simply no curiosity about taking part in that type of the largely worthless (non)discourse. Bang that! I am simply right here to rep great music which i take motivation from, regardless of most that other noise. After employed in the songs industry for 11 years, one of many items that bothered me personally many in regards to the method it functions is just just exactly how all things are therefore centered on brand brand brand new releases for an extremely amount that is brief of before it is completely forced apart, lest its popular sufficient to constantly offer big figures or obtain a reissue. I undoubtedly don’t inhabit the last on a memberberry diet — in my own viewpoint you need to remain present & highly relevant to what exactly is taking place in today’s, however many music that is great art does not have any termination date & should thus never be addressed as a result. Which is an entire ‘nother rant to expound on later, nonetheless — we’re just here to talk about Kitten today!